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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use This Valuable Tool?
Simply enter your data by inputting your gender, date of birth, salary and state. The calculator will then show you what your FEGLI Option B five times will cost and go up to as you age. It compares your costs to the least expensive term life insurance policy in your state. This amazing tool shows you how much you’ll save with the exact same death benefit with an outside top company. The calculator is searching through hundreds of companies to find you the best option. Then, you can apply for that coverage in only 3 minutes! This tool does all the work for you, SAVING YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR THE SAME DEATH BENEFIT!
Tip: If you want to apply for a policy with lower monthly cost, choose a lower multiple instead of 5x your salary on the calculator.
Those FEGLI costs are high! Does my Option B coverage really get that expensive?
Yes, those rates are directly from OPM! The Option B cost goes up every 5 years and really does get that expensive!
The calculator cost for my FEGLI doesn’t line up with the deductions on my pay stub, why?
The calculator is showing monthly costs not per paycheck. The calculator is also only showing your Option B costs. You may have additional coverages like Basic, Option A, or Option C. The reason we show Option B is because that’s the coverage that is usually your largest death benefit and becomes the most expensive. We don’t recommend you replace your Basic just your Option B if possible.
Do I have to medically qualify to get the outside coverage?
Yes, you do. When you apply, the life insurance company will call you to do a telephone interview. About 70% of the time, they approve you after the phone interview. About 30% of the time, they also need a free exam. If the insurance needs an exam it doesn’t mean your rates are going to be higher. To do the exam they will send a nurse directly to you at your convenience for no cost to you. The rates on the right side of the calculator are the average costs for your age. They could come back lower or higher based on your health approval. WHEN YOU APPLY YOU’RE NOT OBLIGATED TO TAKE THE POLICY. After you're approved you can make a final decision if you want to accept the policy or if you’d like to make some adjustments to your policy before you accept.
I applied for the outside coverage, should I cancel my Option B?
While you can cancel your Option B any time, we don’t recommend you cancel your Option B until the new policy is in force. You may not be able to get back into your Option B coverage once it’s canceled. This also insures you don't pay for two policies at once. You don’t have to be in an open season to cancel your Option B, you can start saving any time. When your new coverage is in place and you’re ready to cancel your Option B, submit this form to your HR Department: https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf2817/
If I click “Apply Now” what happens?
Once you’re ready to save thousands of dollars without giving up anything, click “Apply Now In 3 Minutes.” You will input some basic info for the top insurance company to be able to call you and do the telephone interview. The data will be securely submitted to the insurance company. Your information is never sold or shared. They will call you within 48 hours and the telephone interview only lasts about 15 minutes. You are not obligated to accept the policy until the final approval.
Who created the FEGLI Savings calculator?
The calculator was created by nationally known federal consultant Jesse Black. Jesse is a published author on federal benefits and has helped thousands of federal employees with their life insurance and retirement. He can’t talk to everyone and wanted every federal employee to be able to save thousands on their life insurance coverage. That is what inspired him to create this powerful tool. Thousands and thousands have benefited from his assistance. Over 58,000 Federal Employees follow him on Facebook. Follow him here: https://www.facebook.com/FedEmployeeBenefits
I am leaving the federal government soon, should I even bother?
The outside coverage you're applying for is "portable" or goes with you wherever you go. The premium will not be payroll deducted but deducted out of your bank account. It's your policy and you can keep it for the life of the policy no matter your work status. The FEGLI Option B Premiums on the left of the calculator are for both active employees and retirees if they kept their Option B coverage into retirement. So even if you're leaving the federal government it's crucial you decide what to do for your life insurance needs.
I would like to get a policy on my spouse but they're not a federal employee, can I do that?
Sure! Simply enter your spouse's information into the calculator as if they were a federal employee. The right side of the calculator will tell you how much their term policy will cost. Then click "Apply Now" for the policy you want to apply for. The outside policies are not just for Federal Employees.
Can I talk to someone before I do anything?
You sure can. You can call Jesse directly at 719-360-3793 or if you’re ready to apply click the “Apply Now Button”.